Watermark Ventures

Watermark is making an impact on our people, our clients and even those beyond our firm through Watermark Ventures.

Watermark Ventures was created to establish equity positions in companies seeking to improve their viability, expand their value in the market or working through a state of transition. Watermark plays a key role in negotiating the underlying transaction, designing the business structure, assisting in post-transaction integration and managing the financial aspects of the portfolio companies.

These portfolio companies often serve as a forum providing Watermark professionals opportunities to significantly expand their skill sets in ways beyond what would normally be provided in a typical professional services firm. Thus, because of this experiential training, our professionals grow into better business advisors for the clients they serve.

Our clients, in turn, work with advisors that aren’t just relying on a checklist approach to situations, but have a repertoire of practical, hands on experience to deliver proactive and creative solutions.