The Numbers About Family Enterprises

Even when the economy is taking a beating, there are strong stats to show that family enterprises weather the storm better than anyone else. (Maybe our economic leaders should turn to you for some advice.) Here are some numbers:

Family enterprises like yours generate 57% of GDP in the U.S. You employ 63% of our nation’s workforce, and your leadership tenure is up to 4 to 5 times longer than your non-family enterprise counterparts. Statistics also show that family enterprises continue to financially outperform non-family enterprises.

Your success can be attributed to your continued commitment to your legacy and your community. That’s code for, “what you do matters to people.”

Your family business, and others like yours, plays a critical role in the economy. You’re part of the economic creation, you’re out there doing the right things, and you need to be protected on every front.

Statistics from Family Enterprise USA, 2011