HSA as a Retirement Savings Tool

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There is a wide range of plans to help save for retirement. But one type of plan is ideally suited to serve a dual purpose: a Health Savings Account (HSA). A tax strategy HSA’s were created in 2003 primarily as a tax-advantaged strategy for those covered by high-deductible health plans to save money for medical […]

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Ready, Set, Sell Your Business

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What will buyers look at when it’s time to sell?   After working for many years to grow your business, you may have reached the point where you’re thinking about selling. Maybe retirement is on the horizon and you’re counting on proceeds from the sale of your company to help support you. Eyes wide open Your […]

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Affordable Care Act Seminar

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Health Care Reform is the nation’s hot topic, but also one of the most confusing. Organizations must decide whether to continue offering benefits or not. This session will help you better understand the impact of the “Affordable Care Act” on businesses and individuals, so you can make the most of everything you’ve got, including health care. It’s time […]

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Refinancing and Tax Impact

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With mortgage rates still relatively low across most of the country, many homeowners are continuing to refinance their mortgages. If you’re planning to join their ranks, you’ll want to first look closely at the tax impact of such a move. Here are some tips to help you avoid having a tax bite cancel out the potential […]

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Structuring for Success: Employee Bonus Plans

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Many companies today are creating bonus and incentive compensation plans to reward hard-working employees for jobs well done. Such plans can be a win-win: Employees receive a tangible reward for exceptional performance, and businesses reap the benefits of high achievements. However, creating an employee bonus plan without carefully thinking through what you want to accomplish can […]

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Affordable Care Act pose tax planning challenges

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Key provisions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) have changed several times since late last year. Most notable was the delay in the employer mandate until Jan. 1, 2015, giving “large” businesses an extra year to plan for how they’ll meet the law’s requirements. But one important component of the law that hasn’t changed will affect […]

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KPIs you should be monitoring

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When you climb behind the wheel of your car, you’ll see a row of gauges on the dashboard with needles that give advance warnings of potential problems with oil pressure, engine temperature and other measurements. Such gauges enable drivers to spot signs of potential danger at a glance and take corrective action. Like car owners, business […]

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Tax Manager

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As a Tax Manager involved in both compliance and consulting projects, strong technical skills are vital to this role. Tax consulting includes performing tax research and working with clients on tax matters as well as planning and implementing special projects. The Tax Manager is responsible for the compliance function on clients including supervising the preparation […]

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