Medical Empowerment

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How do you become an empowered health care consumer?  A recent blog post on the Forbes magazine website, authored by financial planner/doctor Carolyn McClanahan, suggests that the relationship between doctors and patients is entering a third phase of its long-term evolution.  Phase one was paternalistic, where the doctor told the patient what to do and […]

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Brexit Stage Left

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The financial news scrolling across computers, tablets, and smartphones leaves investors wondering what the UK vote to exit the European Union, “EU”, means. The markets and Prime Minster Cameron seemed very confident the vote would result in the UK staying in the EU. Now, not only do we have UK leaving the EU, but Cameron […]

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Qualified Protection

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You might be surprised to learn that your pension and IRA assets are protected from fraud, malfeasance and sly predation by an entirely different government agency than your taxable and brokerage accounts.  Under the Investment Advisers Act of 1940, the Securities and Exchange Commission polices investment advice and the fairness of recommendations and markets related […]

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Bogus IRS Calls

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Most people have seen bogus emails purported to be from the executors of the estate of Nigerian princes or other obscure foreign notables who want to give them millions of dollars, and sometimes they get bogus calls telling them they can win a lottery sweepstakes or receive debt relief. But apparently one of the most […]

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Avoiding the Pain

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There’s no question that we experience emotional pain and anxiety when our portfolios are losing money due to market downturns.  Behavioral scientists tell us that we feel losses twice as keenly as positive returns. But that doesn’t tell us what we really want to know, which is: other than selling at the wrong time and […]

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C vs. S Corp. Tread Carefully When Changing Entity Status

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Many businesses make the switch from C to S corporation status in order to save taxes. Doing so can help companies avoid the double taxation that happens when C corporation earnings are taxed at the corporate level and again when they’re passed through to shareholders as individuals. S corporations are pass-through entities, so their earnings […]

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Are Your Social Security Strategies Up To Date?

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Believe it or not, a bipartisan federal budget deal might affect your retirement planning strategies. The Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015, signed into law last November, eliminated two Social Security claiming strategies that have been used by many people to maximize their benefits. Depending on your age, though, you might still be able to use […]

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Where You Hang Your Hat

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Your state domicile impacts multistate taxation   Michael lives in New York and Florida. Melissa lives in California and Utah. Whether they are taxed in both states depends on a number of factors. Here’s an overview of the complex concepts that affect multistate taxation. Which state can tax all of your income? The state where […]

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Planning for Business Interruptions Reduces Risk

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One of the most serious risks companies face is business interruption, which can render them unable to manufacture products or deliver services. Such interruptions may happen due to both natural and man-made causes. These include hurricanes, earthquakes, floods and tornadoes as well as power outages, server crashes, security breaches, and cybercrime. Interruptions like these can […]

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The Good Side of Bad Markets

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After the recent downturn in the U.S. and global stock markets, you can be pardoned if you wished that the markets were a bit tamer.  Wouldn’t it be nice to get, say, a steady 4% return every year rather than all these ups and downs?   Be careful what you wish for.  There are at […]

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