A Deep Breath

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For most, summer is a good time to take a break and enjoy some great weather and time outside. But we can’t help but notice that when August rolls around, it’s like the last chance to squeeze in a few things before Fall comes and the weather cools off, but business heats up. It’s the […]

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How to Read the Panicky Market

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Some of the most entertaining times to be a long-term investor are those periods when short-term investors are looking over their shoulders for an excuse to sell.  They’re convinced that the market is going to go down before they can get out, and so they jump on any bad news that comes across their Bloomberg […]

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Pension: Lump sum payout or Annuity payout?

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By Nathan Carmany Frequently, people will ask for help answering the question if a lump sum or annuity payments should be chosen when a pension fund offers a buyout. While the topic has been examined in many blog posts, articles, and other financial media, here we want to review the subject while providing a history on […]

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