A Declaration

Make the most of every opportunity

At Watermark, we step out of the traditional mindset of “business as usual” and take a more positive, proactive role in addressing the opportunities and challenges facing our clients’ businesses. With our vast experience and “we’re-in-it-together” approach, we build the kind of trusted partnerships that spark a new sense of possibility.

We’re here to make those possibilities happen. We see who our clients are and where they’re going. We develop smart, forward-looking strategies that go far beyond accounting to include tax, finance, investment and insurance planning. Like every client, every strategy we create is different, but always we build on three core tenants: Align. Aspire. Achieve.

ALIGN their passion and goals

We’re all driven to do work that matters. That’s why we, as trusted advisors, dig deep to discover exactly what resonates with a client. By aligning our clients’ passions with their goals, energetically, we set things into motion. Suddenly, they’re fired up, determined to prove their nay-sayers wrong, ready to take that leap of faith. We see it time and time again: When clients commit to doing something they care about and are skillfully supported, it happens.

ASPIRE to their highest potential

One thing is for sure: Clients can’t make it happen if they take their eye off the ball. We understand the relentless pull of distractions so we put that ball front and center, keep our clients focused on doing what it takes to hit their pinpoint targets. After that? We hold up their next goal, and their next, until they’re living to their highest potential, using their business and all its proceeds to their very best advantage.

ACHIEVE and protect what they’ve earned

When clients put their hearts and souls into achieving their goals and dreams, it’s our job to ensure they’re well protected. We hate to say it, but bad things happen to good entrepreneurs. One unlucky break could level a business. That’s why we put in place all the safeguards a client needs, everything from creating a reserve fund to securing the right insurance. We minimize our clients’ concerns so they can make the most of every opportunity.