For most, summer is a good time to take a break and enjoy some great weather and time outside. But we can’t help but notice that when August rolls around, it’s like the last chance to squeeze in a few things before Fall comes and the weather cools off, but business heats up. It’s the last deep breath before the work gets more intense.

So what can you do with that? Here are a few thoughts.

First, when you know that things are going to get busy, it’s a good chance to take a little time to look ahead and block time. September and October will get crazy, so set aside time to do things you know will be important. That might include projects that you know are going to matter, time with key employees or partners, and it could even mean blocking some family time in advance. Look ahead and program some time on your terms.

The second is to define what success will look like for the next 90 days. Look ahead and answer the question, “How will I know if the next 3 months are truly successful?” What are the metrics? What has to get taken care of, completed, handled once-and-for all? Know what a win will look like so you can make sure it happens.

The final thing you can consider is making the most of the rest of the month. We have a bit more time before September. Do some things you love. Grill. Golf. Run. Read. Rest. Swim. Hang out with people that matter to you. Whatever it is you savor, do. Enjoy this last deep breath before the busy-ness returns.