4 RFamily enterprises are fascinating creatures: sometimes they behave like family with a hint of business, and other times they behave like businesses with a hint of family.

But in either case, since family is involved, it means there are connections, relationship and links that go far beyond the normal bounds of business. There are probably people in your business that you love, and there are probably people who love you too. That can be beautiful; but it’s incomplete.

Love is a well-intended thing. It means well and it typically acts kindly. But sometimes businesses like yours need a little bit more than that.

They need solid advice.

They need results.

They need courageous candor – and that doesn’t always show up.

If you want to know who loves your business, look for the people who are willing to speak candidly aboutwho-loves-you
what’s happening. You may even find people who share your heart beat and have the business’ best interest at heart.

It’s worth taking a minute to ask yourself… who loves my business right now?